The FAQ will be updated soon....

Q| What browsers does Genewindow support?

A| Genewindow is optimized for Windows Internet Explorer 6 and Mac OS X Safari 1.2 with the Adobe SVG viewer 3.0. For other browser/SVG plugin combinations please consult the browser matrix

Q| How do I zoom?

A| To zoom in and out click on the target gene. In the case where the target gene may not be in view, click on the imaginary line where the gene would be.

Q| How do I pan across the view?

A| Use the arrows on either side of the overview to shift the entire overview by the indicated amount when zoomed out or pan within the overview while zoomed in.

Q| What do the different shapes and colors represent?

A| Please see the legend.

Q| Why is the bottom of the sequence view cut off?

A| The size of the whole view is dependent your browser window size. To see the entire sequence view, shorten the width of your browser window or click the link at the very bottom right corner to expand the height of the view.

Q| Why is there no peptide sequence for a particular protein?

A| There are some proteins from NCBI that have partial or no peptide sequence associated with them. Thus, Genewindow does not have peptide sequence to display nor can it calculate protein systematic for variations within the coding exon.

Q| How do I print?

A| The technology used to create Genewindow (SVG) currently does not support printing. Users typically use the 'Print Screen' key for windows and command+shift+3 for Macs, which allows you to capture images of anything on your screen. In addition to these methods you may also use a screen capture program such as Hypersnap or SnagIt for Windows and Snapz Pro X for Macs.